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News and information


2009/07/10  GET 15% DISCOUNT!

Dear customer, thank you for choosing ASAP shop for your flowers delivery purposes :-)

Now you have an opportunity to shop with 15% discount.
Please contact our administrator, she will check your information and will give you our promo-code.

We hope that this offer meets your expectations and nearest plans as we've updated our first page.
The main page of reflects the latest changes where you may find "price of the month" with bright summer flowers bouquet and other flower arranegments that fit any budget.

Thank you and have a nice weekend,
ASAP team


Dear customer! On the 10TH OF MAY we celebrate MOTHER'S DAY!

So we congratulate all Mothers and wish to be happy!

ASAP team.

05/05/08  Happy Mothers day and Victory day!

Dear customer, we are happy to suggest the spring and summer collection of flower bouquets and baskets.

Mothers day is coming soon and we'd like to inform you about our special promotion!
From May, 5 till May, 13 you may buy flowers with 13% discount using our promo code (that was sent to you in the mail)

We congratulate veterans and all people living in Russia, x-USSR and
all around the world with the Great Victory day - May, 9!

You may find special suggestions of carnations for the Victory Day here

here   or here

We've also updated our bestseller collection for your easy shopping.
You may review new flowers bouquets here

Have a great day and wonderful holidays,
ASAP team

28/01/08  St Valentines day specials!

Dear valued customer. Thank you for ordering flowers and gifts with us.

We'd like to inform you that we've set your special customer discount of 20%. The discount will be active from January, 28 through February, 4.

We also would like to suggest you FREE gifts for your friends and for you.

1) You may win a free box of chocolates, or a bottle of champagne, or a free teddy bear if you hit the button on this page


2) You may get a free military hat or a t-shirt if your order exceeds 199$ For more details please visit this page


3) you may earn $15 at your account for filling out our questioner.

NEW ST Valentines gift and flowers could be found on this page

Have a great day and thank you for cooperation,
ASAP team

  New flowers for St Valentines!

We are happy to inform you that the St Valentines flowers and gifts page has been updated. You may shop for new flowers arrangements


23/01/08  St Valentines day!

Soon coming St Valentines special promo!

Dear customer, from now till March, 10th you may WIN

a FREE bottle of champagne,
a FREE box of chocolates or
a FREE teddy bear along with

your order for flowers delivery.

HIT the BUTTON and check if you win a FREE gift for your friend you send flowers to. Every 10th hit wins the FREE gifts! Try your fortune now!


for details click HERE



26/12/07  New content about Russian army

A new article about Russian military is avaliable here

7/12/07  TV morning program at ASAP guests.

Our senior florist Tchitchilanova Galina perfoms the master calss on festive gifts wrapping. She shows how an ordinary gift  could become a festive and a unique one. Local TV channel - morning program.


30/11/07  New Year Sale!

Dear respectful customer, we'd like to suggest you a brilliant, absolutely brilliant

1)Your get 20% off for ordering flowers with us from December, 1 through December, 12
Just insert the promo code while filling in the order form. (this discount works for customers who opened the account before November,30)

2) If your order exceeds 199$ - you get FREE gift from us. Not a
virtual something but a real one.
Read more here

3) You may save 15$ on your order by filling out our questioner. You
may request it here.
As soon as you get it and send it back filled out, We'll replenish
your account for 15$ that will be deducted automatically from the total amount of
your order.

What do you think?

Have a great day,
ASAP team

28/11/07  New article about Shapka - Ushanka

The new articles about SHAPKA - USHANKA is avaliable at

13/11/07  New report about ASAP charity

The new report of the ASAP florists charity act is available here   Many thanks to all of our customers and people who pay attetion.


  Dear customer  thank you for being with us during the latest season.Hope you've enjoyed your vacations and holidays.

   We'd like you to join us in the new coming season and suggest you a wonderful option. Save time and money shopping with us.

   Compose your bouquet by naming the flowers and colour and get FREE
florist work
glass vase

   You can find it here: in the Price of the month section.

   We keep on working to make your shopping with us easy and enjoyable.

   Sincerely, ASAP Team.


01/06/07  Flower Summer Sale

                                 Dear customer!

                                   Happy first Summer Days!

ASAP Team wishes you to have fun and to be your summer unforgetable!

We have created a new section on our website - Flowers Under 70$ - and you can visit it here

Also we want to suggest you 3 bouqets of seasonal flowers with 15%:

A lilac flower arrangement of seasonal flowers

A mixed flowers bouquet

Spring flowers mix with the artificial butterfly

A new report about the trip to the Orphanage is available here

So we wish you to have a great summer this year and thank you for
being our customer!

Do not hesitate to contact us at

10/10/2006  New flowers update, new site launched

Dear respectful customer, in the new coming season we are ready to suggest

 1. New flowers and gifts for delivery across Russia, x-USSR.

2. New bestsellers and price of the month at the main page of 

3. Christmas and New Year specials are listed in the gallery and will be updated with new flower arrangements and gift baskets.


A new content page is available at

Where you may find information on how to create a floral arrangement yourself, at home. Our florists share their experience and give details of floral art.

As usually a new report about the trip to the Orphanage is available here

NEW SITE of ASAP florists network has been launched at

New options:

- flexible discount plans at

- the currency is strictly $US and there is no need to recalculate

rubles into $ and worry about currency exchange rate

- more than 140 countries for delivery

- PRICES you see are final without any delivery factors, fees, taxes

- large pictures

- easy navigation

- friendly design

-TOLL free numbers

Please, contact us at to transfer your personal account to the new site with all your life-time discounts and account details. If you wish to change the discount plan, please send us the e-mail with comments.

23/08/06  ASAP new bonus and charity report

Dear customer, thank you for your attention.

I'd like to inform you that the new charity report is posted at

Thank you for participating in our charity act and for all the help we
are able to provide together.

We'd like to announce a 5% discount for all orders made with

In addition  we've launched a new bonus program for order over $100 and
$50. Please, see the details at our default page


Dear customer!

Now it’s summer time!

ASAP team hopes that you have

fun and great summer!

And while sun is shining we announce you a  special summer suggestion.

For very reasonable price you get a huge beautiful chrysanthemum bouquet

that would  last long and  brighten  the day of your recipient.

Just imagine what a wonderful bouquet it will be!

You may find it on our home page



   As we've promised before we are posting the first photo report about our first trip to the Orphanage. We've decided to post personal impressions and experience of every person who traveled to the orphanage instead of writing a formal something about what have been done. And thank you so much for your orders and your interest in our charity program. Our pictures and staff impressions could be find here .


   Good news! We renew one of our articles! Hope the meaning of a flower and a picture of a bouquet will help you to make a good choice. So now you have two in one. And you can find it here .


   This month we have some new exotic flower arrangements! Orchids, kalla lilies, ghypericum, anthurium in a bouquet or basket will bring happiness to you and people who are close to you. They are here




26/06/06  ASAP charity program.

Dear customers! ASAP team of florists welcomes you and wishes nice happy summer time and pleasant trips on vacations.

We'd like to inform you about a new charity program launched by ASAP team in the new coming season.

We've been long in flowers and gifts delivery business. For more than 3 years we've been delivering flowers and gifts to Internats and orphanages. The photo reports you may see on this page.
From June, 2006 we've launched a new charity program to support the orphanages across Russia. As to start with the Alapaevskiy Orphanage (Sverdlovskaya Oblast, Russia) to help kids to take part in the State football cup among Orphanages.

Please be sure that from now on each of your order brings $3 to the account of the Orphanage.

For special requests or questions about how you can help kids, please contact the project manager Ksenia Loboda for assistance and suggestions at

We plan to provide further help to organize other projects for kids. Each project will be reported on this page with pictures and details. The report of the start of the program and the actual help that we managed to provide with our customers' help will be posted between Jule, 10 - July, 15 All people providing separate help for kids living in Orphanages will be listed as our friends, all organizations joining us in the charity act will be listed as sponsors with the logos and descriptions.

Our florists work to suggest you a variety of new flowers and gifts for delivery across Russia, FSU.

Thank you for your time and attention and being our customer.

Natalia Konovalova - director of ASAP flowers and gifts delivery network.

20/04/06  Happy Easter 2006!

Dear respectful customer, we would like to inform you that this year we
celebrate Western Easter on April, 16 and Orthodox Easter on April, 23.

FOR the special event!
-We have updated our bestsellers and price of the month area

- display a new section "Easter specials" at

If u fail to find a preferred Easter flower arrangement or a sweet basket at
our site, please feel free to apply to administrators. They'll try to
be of any help with the special arrangements for your relatives and

Happy Easter!

21/2/06  8th of March notification and prices.

Dear respectful customer!

We've started accepting orders for the International women's day
(March, 8) that is widely celebrated in Russia, Ukraine, CIS and the
rest of the world.
We wish you being brave courageous and creative to show your love and
care in the most extraordinary ways.
We'll try to make this special day unstressful for both you (as the sender) and for your beloved, who will be waiting for your attention and care.

There is no a woman who doesn't expect to be treated specially on this
day and the whole life after (of course) :-)

We are ready to suggest special flowers arrangements and gifts at

As usual we like to advise you of impending price rise and we anticipate that flower prices from our suppliers will be 30 % higher by 1-2 March. However, for now we are continuing to accept orders based on the average price we have been charging throughout 2005.

If you have any unresolved issues, questions or suggestions please
feel free to contact us either at or
for further assistance and additional information.

Hope this information will help.

2/02/06  St Valentines with ASAP flowers delivery

Dear respectful customer!

     I'd not remind you that St Valentine's day is coming soon and it's
still celebrated on February, 14.
      If you didn't know then this would help you to join the rest of the world.
I'm sure that you belong to the well-known party of "loving and beloved people" that stands over
any political, national or religious organizations.

So, if someone calls you "dear" or "sweetheart" or any other name that
is accepted among the members of the world St Valentine's party, you
definitely need the suggested below.

St Valentines flowers arrangements in vases, bouquets, baskets could
be found here

St Valentine's gifts and gift baskets could be found here

Please, note the New Bestsellers and Price of the month suggestions,
that may simplify the process of choosing the right gift.

Hope you will find the information useful.

03/01/06  Merry Christmas

Dear customer, we wish you merry soon coming Christmas - January, 7

The Orthodox Christmas is widely celebrated across Russia, Ukraine,
CIS countries and regarded to be either religious and public holiday.
When all people try to be united with their families, congratulating
their close people and friends.

You may find Christmas and New Year flowers and gifts arrangements

The prices are 10% down since the New Year celebration. Hope you find
it convenient as we managed to keep our prices at the usual all-year
round level.

Thank you and we wish you a merry celebration. May you never be
separated with people you love and care

ASAP team


1/11/05  roses for sale!

Dear respectful customer!

We are ready to suggest a Dozen roses for sale!

- to Moscow $39  - no delivery factor
- to St Petersburg $39 - no delivery factor
- to Ekaterinburg $39 - no delivery factor
- to other destinations $59 (instead of $69) in Russia, Ukraine,
Belarus, Kazakhstan and CIS - please mind the delivery factor to the
particular destination.

2 dozen roses for sale at only $99 to all cities
Please, find dozen roses in our bestseller column on the main page at

You may find new price of the month bouquets at the main page

19/08/05  Special price for roses - delivery factor reduction

We'd like to inform you about summer-autumn special
suggestion - 11 red roses to Moscow, St Petersburg, Ekaterinburg - for
You may find the item here

We are pleased to announce 50 cities that has been added to
the services area AND delivery factor reduction to most places.

Please, note that no other fees are added to initial $39 for the
delivery to Moscow, St Petersburg, Ekaterinburg (Russia)

Soon we plan to reduce delivery factors to other countries.

6/05/05  Greetings for Mothers day!

Happy Mothers Day!

Congratulations and enjoy new flowers collections for the Mothers day

OR at the main page as Bestsellers!

27/04/05  Orthodox Easter, May 1st!

Dear customers, this year Orthodox Easter comes on the 1st of May.

We are pleased to announce special Easter flowers and gifts at

Or check out the new Flower&Fruits basket listed in Best seller on the
main page at

Personal discounts and deposits at your accounts are applied
automatically with each order.

The personal discount information is updated each month. You get the
notification at the e-mail address provided in your registration form.

Easter is widely celebrated in Russia, Ukraine and countries of
x-USSR. People greet relatives, friends, cook Easter cakes and paint
eggs in order to present them to their close ones.
This holiday is considered special because it combines religious
origin, innocence and beauty of arousing nature, warmth and family
care of relatives and friends.

 Thank you for cooperation. Hope you'll enjoy coming Easter with us!

24/03/05  Happy Easter!

   Happy Easter!

This year we are celebrating the Catholic Easter on the 27th of March
and Orthodox Easter on the 1st of May!

You may find the Easter flowers and gifts here

New flowers updates could be found here

22/02/05  The 8th of March celebration.

Dear customer,we gladly present new flowers arrangements for the International women’s day celebration. Here you may find sweets and flowers composed in a nice basket with a teddy bear. We've been investigating the demand and now we are ready to suggest a mixture of most popular and lovely items composed in one and the same basket for delivery to any city and CIS country. The basket is decorated with soft coloured flowers that express tenderness and delicacy of new-born or lasting feelings. You are welcome to find the basket on the main page presented as a price of the month item. Here you may also find well-known roses and chrysanthemum arrangements with greenery at a very reasonable prices. All arrangements are presented and delivered in a lovely hand-tired wrapping or decorative floral elements.

Don’t forget that the 8th of the March is considered to be a holiday celebrated all over former x-USSR area. On this day people express care, romantic feelings and ever lasting love towards their sweethearts, mothers, friends, colleagues etc. Although we’ve picked out the flowers section with 8th of Marxch arrangements, you may still find other love occasion bouquets at

or just choose “roses” section to shop for roses and bouquets with roses of different colours.

We keep on delivering huge amount of flowers to main destinations at wholesale prices. Please, do proceed with the orders for huge amount arrangements or for the certificates not later than the 4th of March. We’d appreciate any of your feedbacks, out-of-ordinary order or any suggestions.

26/01/05  Happy St Valentines day! Make your surprise distinctive and unforgettable!

Dear customer, we would like to anncounce a new sent Valentines gallery of flowers at

We hope that the wide collection of lilies, roses and other flowers would be a lovely surprise for your beloved, relatives and friends.

We also accept order for huge amount of flowers, for example 50, 100 and more roses, lilies or tulips arranged in a basket or with greenery.

Please, feel free to contact us at to send a request for the huge amount flowers arrangements and we'd be pleased to provide you with the wholesale prices.
Or proceed with yor order at

12/1/04  New Year and Christmas flowers and gifts update

Dear customers, welcome to New Year and Christmas specials at

We would like to inform you of the new price of the month update for
the New Year gifts and flowers.

To shop for the New Year and Christmas gifts please click here

To shop for the New Year flowers and flowers arrangements please click

If your beloved has a pet and you wish sending something nice and
yummy to her dog/cat click here
We are sure she'll consider your choice funny and very caring.

We truly hope that you enjoy shopping with and your far
friends will enjoy your gifts and flowers, feel your presence and care
being separated by distances.

If you have any special new year requests, like a new year tree or a
jewelry, or special arrangements, please contact us at
for further assistance.

If you have any questions or doubt what is the best present for your
friend, please feel free to contact us at

12.11.04  new discounts and products update - whats new section, multiple order discounts.

Dear customers,
you may check out a new section devoted to new floral ideas,
flowers arrangements and bouquets for different occasion. We hope that
this new gallery option will help our regular customers to navigate
the site easily and find our new suggestions from our florists.
Hope you find this useful.

From now there are new discounts available at
We guessed that it's unfair to charge regular prices for multiple orders. So, from now we
deduct 5-19% if you purchase more than 1 item from the gallery at once.
Add 2 and more bouquets or gifts to your shopping cart while making an
order and you'll see that the total price is down 5-19%

04.11.2004  Prices update

Dear respectful customer, we'd like to inform you about New Price
of the Month update.
From now you may order
- a red rose with a box of chocolates for only $26 at
- a wonderful Holiday flowers arrangements with 17 red roses with
exclusive green, gypsophillas and holiday wrapping at
Please, also note the price change for a dozen red roses in a vase now $69 (the old price was $79)
New flowers baskets, arrangements and bouquets you may find here Here are tulips available in a glass vase, lilies and gerberas new items update!

Hope you find our new suggestions useful.

17.09.2004  New price of the month

Dear respectful customer, today you may choose a dozen of bright pink
roses at only $59 at + free calling time with each order +
your regular life-time discount (as you've been informed before)

This is the new update on price of the month. Please, note that the
price is 20% down.

A dozen of pink roses show the romance of life and love.
Be romantic and your sweetheart will treasure each moment of being together.
All her thoughts will be about you, with you and again for you.

Be distinctive!

17.08.04  Free caling cards for all customers with all orders.

From now all orders go with free calling time to any country!

Make the order now and call your friends and beloved for free!
More than 1 hour on phone with your beloved! No additional charges, no country restrictions! Top quality phone-to-phone connection!

You get unique opportunity to call your friends, relatives and beloved for free.
How it works:

1. Make an order with
2. We send you instructions on how to proceed with the phone and give you the unique pin-number to use the system for your calls.
3. This is a phone - to - phone service. All that you need is just to follow simple instructions. It's easy, top-quality phone-to-phone connection to any country and any place, any time absolutely for free for customers. This is not the PC to phone calls, this is a regular phone-to-phone connection.
4. You get top quality phone connection, more than 1 hour of calling time to any country (USA, Russia, Canada, India etc) and that is absolutely for free for our customers!
5. This is not one order- suggestions. You'll get free calling time each time you make the order with
6. The access to phone-to-phone calling system will be provided by the administrator in 24 hours from the moment you proceed with the payment for your order. From that momnet you may use your calling time for any calls, local or international without any time and destination restrictions.

15.01.2004  We've launched new destination sites

We've launched new sites for main destinations for the convenience of our customers. From now you may send flowers and gifts to Moscow at - to St Petersburg - to ekaterinburg - to Ukraine or at - to Belarus -to Kazakhstan Here you may see the easy order form on the main page and limited range of products.

01.07.2004  Price of the month

We've posted the price of the month on the home page of the site. Now you may see the discount price for the item. Each month the item will be updated.

01.06.2004  Products and destinations

Dear customers, we've added more items for delivery in sections:
-baby gifts
Also you may see main destinations on the home page of the site. So, you may check the coorect destination country for your order.
On the main page you may also ready about some peculiarities of Russian life, traditions, travellers tips etc. The information is renewed each month and could be of some interests to those who travel to Russia or have contacts here.

01.05.2004  Flowers for corporate customers and discounts for regular customers.

We've started a corporate customers program that allows companies to place multiple orders with discounts. Also, most of our customers already have discounts of 5, 10, 15 and 20% depending on the total orders amount spent with We are proud to declare the discount for all customers who used our services twice or more times. Take your chance to get first class professional services with discounts.

01.04.2004  Delivery to Orphanages.

Last year and this year as well we've provided several deliveries to different orphanages in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other FSU countries. We are proud to declare special care for these order and special gifts from our compan with all order that go for children. Please, see baby gifts section to see the list of orphanages we've already served. Please, contact our administrator for more details at

01.03.2004  Our florist in Russia

By clicking "Our florists across Russia" button in the menu list on the left size of the screen, you may see the florists and flower shop that are in our flowers and gifts network. You may also see the experimental bouquets created by our florists. So, you may get the idea of the network and services we provide. This section is updated constantly. Each month we post more pictures of our local florists.

01.02.2004  Experimental bouquet

This new option is avaliable for all customers of
By choosing this item you get
- free vase
- free pictures of the recepinet
- 50% for all flowers
While making this order, please do care for comment for our florist. The more precise you are in explaning the occasion or the idea of the gifts the more accurate our florist will combine the flowers for your special occasion.
These service you get for only $59

01.01.2004  Cheap roses to St Petersburg

Now we sell a dozen roses to St Petersburg for only $49 You may apply a vase to the order or any other products while filling out the order form. The delivery to St Petersburg is same day and the colour of roses can be different. Just write the comments in your order form. You may proceed with this order for roses at



Price of the month!
A bouquet like a sign of special attention
A nice bouquet of 3 red roses, 3 white chrysanthemum, 1 green chrysanthemum, 1 ghypsophillas, bergras, 3 ruscus with a white ribbon without wrapping (a vase is not included, you may add a vase while filling out the order form)
Cost: $101
New price: $78

Life-time Discounts for SendFlowersUkraine customers! from 5% up to 20% with each order!

Best Seller

Add to shopcart

Fresh cut long stem red roses.

Beautiful red roses will brighten your day. 5 roses - small; 7 roses - medium; 11 roses - large arrangement! (We do not sell a dozen because it's not customary in Russia and x-USSR to present an even number of flowers)
 Small: $56
 Medium: $69
 Large: $98
Add to shopcart

Elegant european roses mix

An elegant red roses arrangement with leaves of aspidistra in natural wrapping of organsa and sisal.
Cost: $119.00
Add to shopcart

A soft colored basket mix for your tender friend

A distinguished basket with soft light altromeria, spray roses, eustom and chrysanthemum with other flowers and greenery.
 Small: $105
 Medium: $119
 Large: $128
Add to shopcart

A romantic basket

5 red roses, 7 peach roses, 3 chrysanthemum, 3 alstromerias, greenery in a shaped basket
Cost: $171.00
Add to shopcart


Wonderful and bright heart shaped flower arrangement. 19 red carnations, 5 white chrysanthemum (zembla), gypsophillas and greenery, decorated with floral elements.
Cost: $95.00
Add to shopcart

Fresh cut long stem pink roses

Beautiful pink roses will brighten your day. 5 roses - small; 7 roses - medium; 11 roses - large arrangement! (We do not sell a dozen because it's not customary in Russia and x-USSR to present an even number of flowers)
 Small: $56
 Medium: $69
 Large: $98
Add to shopcart

Flowers cake with strawberries.

Specially designed flowers in a shape of the cake with natural strawberries will make any celebration unforgettable.
Cost: $428.00
Add to shopcart

Bright gerberas mix of various colours with greenery and natural wrapping

Bright mixed colour gerberas arrangement.
Cost: $83.00
Add to shopcart

A festive bouquet of tulips and carnations.

Bright contrast bouquet of 9 white tulips and 7 red carnations with bergras, red pearls and decorative elements in natural wrapping.
Cost: $92.00
Add to shopcart

Spring basket mix

A bright mix of spring flowers, scarlet roses, eustomas, chrysanthemum, alstromerias, other flowers with greenery and ribbons for your beloved.
 Small: $149
 Medium: $179
 Large: $218
Add to shopcart

A gift basket with the bottle of wine

Basket arranged with ribbon of natural fabrics and hearts, box of Russian chocolates, bottle of red Georgian wine, aroma rose tea in a glass jar, Russian cookies in a box, Turkish sweets, chip and cherry cookies box, strawberry confiture, ceramic St Valentines toys, marzipan sweets with the heart shaped box of chocolates with liquor.
Cost: $164.00
Add to shopcart


Beautiful classic bouquet with red roses and white chrysanthemums in the middle will be a great surprize for your beloved.
Cost: $126.00

Dear ASAP team!

Thank you very much for your help. As usual, you guys did your job very well. The bouquet was performed absolutely beautiful. Great job, quick respond and hassle free customer service.

Brilliant job! Everyone's happy. I'm so glad being working with you all those years!

Thank you. Thank you very much!

Yours satisfied customer Alex,
Best Regards

My dear Tatyana,

I was talking with my Fiancee, Tanya, last night and she was still so delighted with the flowers you chose for me.
She told me the colours were so beautiful and she loved the cream roses. She also told me the bouquet was so big and heavy, she is not able to carry the flowers and the large vase with the water, to her computer so she can show me the photograph of them.
I have been able to see all the other flowers you delivered to her and I can agree with Tanya, they were beautiful. This is the reason I will continue to use your services until she comes to England to be my wife.

Again, I want to thank you Tatyana for the beautiful flowers you have delivered, You have made her very happy. She cannot stop telling me about them!!
Tanya told me that the man who delivered the flowers, took two photographs of her with the flowers. Would it be possible Tatyana, to send me a copy of this photograph by email of this bouquet?? I would be so grateful if it is possible.

I hope, and look forward to the photo email from you in the near future, and thank you once again for the bouquet and the hand written card (In English) It has been very special for my Tanya, thank you to you and all your staff for such a wonderful service.

Warmest wishes from Jim x

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