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We deliver flowers and gifts to Ukraine with discounts.
You may check new flower arrangements, gifts ideas, roses bouquets for same day delivery in Ukraine

Order flower arrangements, gifts, fruits, grocery, sweet and gift baskets for delivery across huge area in Ukraine.

Flowers for birthdays, celebration, New Year, Christmas, love and dating occasions, St Valentines basket arrangements, exotic flowers in vases, dozen roses at low price, gourmet and flowers baskets with teddy bears, champagne, anniversary bouquets, other. We provide flower and gifts delivery in villages and small places in Ukraine. When you shop for flowers (gifts) you get 5-30% discounts for delivery in Ukraine.

New Flowers arrangements! Bouquets and baskets with roses, lilies, tulips decorated with greenery at reasonable prices.
Send flowers and gifts - same day delivery with ASAP florists across Russia, CIS

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Dear customer, you may add chocolate bar, a rose, a vase, a teddy bear, balloons, perfume, cake, champagne, Martini while filling the order form. Please, log into your account with e-mail and password, then click order button on the requested item and you´ll be redirected to the order form information. There you may check any box in order to apply additional items to your order.

By ordering flowers and gifts with ASAP florists you may check the delivery status online with your e-mail and password. We accept main credit cards (visa, master etc) - security of your transactions is guaranteed.


Orange happiness!

Sweet bouqet with 5 gerberas,ghypsophillas,greenery will warm the day!
Cost: $62.00

Carnation tenderness

A wonderful heart of 21 pink carnations, 9 chrysantemum and greenery will make your beloved the happiest in the world.
 Small: $74
 Medium: $89
 Large: $110

Congratulation bouquet

3 red roses, 3 chrysanthemum, 2 ghypsophillas, greenery. A nice and contrast flowers mix for festive occasions.
Cost: $69.00

Summer flowers gift

19 chrysanthemum, 5 statitsa with greenery, butterfly wrapped in a natural fabric. A wonderful summer mood to every house and every office. This flowers will last long and be a wonderful decoration of the summer inspiration.
 Small: $87
 Medium: $105
 Large: $134

Multi-coloured tulips arranged with greenery and nice wrapping

Exceptional tulips of different colours Available from December till May
 Small: $68
 Medium: $96
 Large: $135

Small white flower basket

A gentle flower basket with 5 white roses and 5 white chrysanthemum with greenery.
Cost: $95.00

Poppy field

A bright bouqet with 12 anemones, 5 statica, greenery in a natural wrapping will make smile everyone! (We can replace anemones for the different seasonal flowers)
Cost: $93.00

Bright bouqet of different colours

9 yellow roses, 5 chrysanthemum, 7 irises, 3 limonium, greenery, natural wrapping.
 Small: $104
 Medium: $131
 Large: $159

A wonderful mix of bright seasonal flowers

A fabulous bouquet of bright flowers makes any day unforgettable, pleasant and full of nice emotions. 12 chrysanthemum of different colours, 5 gerbers, 5 roses, other flowers and greenery.
 Small: $104
 Medium: $129
 Large: $140

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LOVE AND ROMANCE flowers- St Valentines


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Customs and traditions

In the arrivals hall of the airport you will be requested to fill in a customs declaration form. Respecting the Russian customs is advisable, because breaking customs regulations may result in divestment of your belongings, plus you might have to pay fines measuring in 100 to 300 percent of their cost. If you have more than $1500 in cash, you should go through the red "to declare" channel and get your customs form stamped by a customs officer (especially if you are intending to leave Russia with a large amount of cash). If not, then you may proceed through the green channel. However, in any case be sure to keep your customs declaration form as you may be asked for it when leaving the country.
You can take along with you any personal belongings which you will be needing during your stay in St.Petersburg, for instance, clothes, objects of personal hygiene, travelling equipment, one videocamera and one photo camera, one tape-recorder etc. Besides personal belongings you may bring to St.Petersburg duty-free: foreign currency (unlimited, but prohibited to take out more than you have brought) diamonds: 0.5 karats, 5 items of jewelry, 5 litres of alcohol (if you are over 21 years old), 1,000 cigarettes (if you are over 16 years old), 3 items or 1 outfit of leather clothing, 2 carpets, 3 hats, one set or 3 crystal dishes, 20 litres of petrol, besides that in tank (if you are arriving in your own car), inexpensive souvenirs in reasonable amounts. On leaving, if you have less than $1500 you may progress through the green 'nothing to declare' channel. It is illegal to take more than $1500 out of the country without a special certificate.
You may take the following items out of St-Petersburg duty-free: 5 kg of fish, 280 g of black caviar, 280 g of red caviar, medicines (1 pack of each kind), Russian-made colour metal products: not more than 20 kg, gold or platinum jewelry: 5 items of total weight not more than 30 g, silver jewelry: 120 g, precious stone jewelry: 5 items, 20 litres of petrol, other than that in tank (if you are leaving in your own car). Prohibited to import: arms and ammunitions, narcotics, books, videofilms and other items which can inflict harm on Russia. Forbidden to export: weapons, narcotics, invalidated valuables, any Russian orders or medals, books, videofilms and other items which can inflict harm on any foreign state. If you are buying pictures or sculptures in a gallery, don't forget to ask for a written permission from the author of the piece, in which it should be mentioned that he or she does not object to you taking this masterpiece outside the country.



Price of the month!
A bouquet like a sign of special attention
A nice bouquet of 3 red roses, 3 white chrysanthemum, 1 green chrysanthemum, 1 ghypsophillas, bergras, 3 ruscus with a white ribbon without wrapping (a vase is not included, you may add a vase while filling out the order form)
Cost: $101
New price: $78

Life-time Discounts for SendFlowersUkraine customers! from 5% up to 20% with each order!

Best Seller

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Fresh cut long stem red roses.

Beautiful red roses will brighten your day. 5 roses - small; 7 roses - medium; 11 roses - large arrangement! (We do not sell a dozen because it's not customary in Russia and x-USSR to present an even number of flowers)
 Small: $56
 Medium: $69
 Large: $98
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Elegant european roses mix

An elegant red roses arrangement with leaves of aspidistra in natural wrapping of organsa and sisal.
Cost: $119.00
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A soft colored basket mix for your tender friend

A distinguished basket with soft light altromeria, spray roses, eustom and chrysanthemum with other flowers and greenery.
 Small: $105
 Medium: $119
 Large: $128
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A romantic basket

5 red roses, 7 peach roses, 3 chrysanthemum, 3 alstromerias, greenery in a shaped basket
Cost: $171.00
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Wonderful and bright heart shaped flower arrangement. 19 red carnations, 5 white chrysanthemum (zembla), gypsophillas and greenery, decorated with floral elements.
Cost: $95.00
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Fresh cut long stem pink roses

Beautiful pink roses will brighten your day. 5 roses - small; 7 roses - medium; 11 roses - large arrangement! (We do not sell a dozen because it's not customary in Russia and x-USSR to present an even number of flowers)
 Small: $56
 Medium: $69
 Large: $98
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Flowers cake with strawberries.

Specially designed flowers in a shape of the cake with natural strawberries will make any celebration unforgettable.
Cost: $428.00
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Bright gerberas mix of various colours with greenery and natural wrapping

Bright mixed colour gerberas arrangement.
Cost: $83.00
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A festive bouquet of tulips and carnations.

Bright contrast bouquet of 9 white tulips and 7 red carnations with bergras, red pearls and decorative elements in natural wrapping.
Cost: $92.00
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Spring basket mix

A bright mix of spring flowers, scarlet roses, eustomas, chrysanthemum, alstromerias, other flowers with greenery and ribbons for your beloved.
 Small: $149
 Medium: $179
 Large: $218
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A gift basket with the bottle of wine

Basket arranged with ribbon of natural fabrics and hearts, box of Russian chocolates, bottle of red Georgian wine, aroma rose tea in a glass jar, Russian cookies in a box, Turkish sweets, chip and cherry cookies box, strawberry confiture, ceramic St Valentines toys, marzipan sweets with the heart shaped box of chocolates with liquor.
Cost: $164.00
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Beautiful classic bouquet with red roses and white chrysanthemums in the middle will be a great surprize for your beloved.
Cost: $126.00

Dear ASAP team!

Thank you very much for your help. As usual, you guys did your job very well. The bouquet was performed absolutely beautiful. Great job, quick respond and hassle free customer service.

Brilliant job! Everyone's happy. I'm so glad being working with you all those years!

Thank you. Thank you very much!

Yours satisfied customer Alex,
Best Regards

My dear Tatyana,

I was talking with my Fiancee, Tanya, last night and she was still so delighted with the flowers you chose for me.
She told me the colours were so beautiful and she loved the cream roses. She also told me the bouquet was so big and heavy, she is not able to carry the flowers and the large vase with the water, to her computer so she can show me the photograph of them.
I have been able to see all the other flowers you delivered to her and I can agree with Tanya, they were beautiful. This is the reason I will continue to use your services until she comes to England to be my wife.

Again, I want to thank you Tatyana for the beautiful flowers you have delivered, You have made her very happy. She cannot stop telling me about them!!
Tanya told me that the man who delivered the flowers, took two photographs of her with the flowers. Would it be possible Tatyana, to send me a copy of this photograph by email of this bouquet?? I would be so grateful if it is possible.

I hope, and look forward to the photo email from you in the near future, and thank you once again for the bouquet and the hand written card (In English) It has been very special for my Tanya, thank you to you and all your staff for such a wonderful service.

Warmest wishes from Jim x

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